Personal Leadership ; Final Article (3) in a series

by Robert Pettersson

Habit 6: Synergize.

To synergize means to value differences or disagreements within a group. The roots of the word synergy lies in the Greek language and means “working together”. Instead of seeing differences as something negative we should embrace our differences and strive to understand each other’s point of views. Only after understanding each other can we in a productive way create something that is greater than what any of us could have created alone.



The absence of effective synergy in an organization usually leads to waste of energy and time. Productive collaboration is then substituted by internal politics, interpersonal conflicts and rivalries, protecting one’s back, etc.

When building an effective team we should therefore strive for maximum diversity and encourage open discussion of all views and ideas.


Habit 7: Sharpen the saw.

The final habit is all about taking the time to rejuvenate yourself. Every person needs to balance and renew one’s resources and energy for the sake of creating a sustainable and long-term lifestyle.

Dr. Covey describes the four dimensions of renewal to be:

  • Physical: Exercise, Nutrition, Stress Management, etc.
  • Mental: Exercise to sharpen our intellectual abilities. Involves being open to new ideas and reading a broad range of literature.
  • Social/Emotional: Cherish and develop our relationships, both private and professional.
  • Spiritual: Meditating on our core value system, review and possibly update our personal mission statement, etc.

Robert Pettersson