SevenDay Finans chooses LFP from LeanDev for its new retail lending venture

SevenDay Finans AB, a Swedish subsidiary of Ekspres Bank A/S, which is 100% owned by BNP Paribas Personal Finance, has chosen LeanDev’s fully integrated lending system LeanDev Loan, packaged as a cloud based service, to offer retail in-store financing. SevenDay Finans has started a venture to become the market leader in Sweden within Sales Financing.

SevenDay Finans is a credit market company under the supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority, and has been one of the most successful players on the Swedish market for unsecured loans for many years. SevenDay Finans has among others won the “Account of the year” award from the Swedish financial magazine Privata Affärer.

“With LeanDev we were able to go live within just two months with our first store installation” says
Klas-Johan Claeson, CEO of SevenDay Finans. “LeanDev’s ability to deliver fast, together with their excellent integration capabilities was key for our success”

With LeanDev Loan, SevenDay Finans gets a modern, compliant, easy to maintain and secure lending service that is also perfectly scalable with increasing volumes. This new Sales Financing service was launched in August, 2017.

“This new deal with SevenDay is yet another proof of our competitiveness in credit solutions for banks and financial institutions”, says Fredrik Ulvenholm, CEO of LeanDev.