We're hiring!

We are looking for more
- Project managers
- Solution architects
- IT System admin and developer
- IT System Tester and Support Engineer

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Why you should join us at LeanDev:

A new core banking solution

LeanDev is the most intelligent core banking solutions provider in the Swedish market with leading edge technology and open API’s

Cloud based

Our customers prefer to run their solution in the cloud.

Shortest time to market in the industry

LeanDev ships banking solutions to the market faster than any other competitor.
We have an open platform that keeps our customers in the game by staying ahead of the pack, technically as well as functionally.

Scalable and efficient R&D

LeanDev has a wholly owned subsidiary in China, where our R&D is located.

We’re expanding!

LeanDev currently has 70 employees in total, headquartered in Kista, Stockholm.
LeanDev is in an expansion phase and is rapidly adding more customers and helping the transformation to intelligent banking.

...and it's fun!

We enjoy working together at LeanDev. With our agile way of working we keep our customers happy every day. And that is what counts.

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