hoist finance

Hoist Finance is Europe’s leading purchaser of non- performing consumer debts. LeanDev Deposit serves as a stable source of working capital for Hoist’s operations.

100,000+ accounts

60,000+ unique customers

SEK 15 bn deposited

Less than two full-time employees in Customer center

LeanDev delivers LeanDev Deposit

Hoist Finance AB (publ) is a pan-European financial group active within debt purchasing and receivables management. They specialise in the purchasing and management of non- performing and performing consumer receivables. LeanDev delivers a deposit platform, Lean Deposit, with which the Hoist Finance can offer consumers attractive savings services and thereby obtain a stable working capital for its operations.

To replace Hoists´ earlier deposit system, we had to migrate all customers, accounts and transactions from many years back, because Hoist had strict requirement that all history would be transferred seamlessly to the new system. Approximately 30,000 customers and their accounts were transferred over a weekend in late November 2012 and Monday 26 November, Hoist where able to offer its customers three new deposit products in addition to its traditional Flex Saver.

"When we first got in contact with LeanDev as a supplier we were on our second generation of the deposit system. We had the need to further develop the deposit service at a higher rate than our former provider managed, and this together with first class support was crucial if we chose LeanDev as our new supplier.”

Anders Wallin, CIO of Hoist Finance