Kontek Lön AB – tech pioneer in payroll systems

The market leader for payroll SW systems in Sweden needed to upgrade their architecture to a future proof web-based solution. They trusted LeanDev to build a whole new generation of their flagship product with a new, open source-based architecture.

Benefits for Kontek include:

Local or cloud based use

No more 3rd party licenses

Easy to adapt and to expand for future needs

To build systems with agile methods

Kontek, who are leaders in salary administration in Sweden with its software Kontek Lön (“Kontek Salary”), decided that it was time to upgrade the technical platform to a web-based solution that can also be run as a “cloud-service”. Kontek Lön would have to be reinvented.

LeanDev started the work with analyzing the existing system Kontek Lön and interviewing a number of key people at Kontek on how the system worked. The interviews were translated into “user stories” which was then fed into LeanDev’s requirement management tool, thereby making it possible to build the new system without Kontek having to write any detailed specifications. This saved the customer a lot of time and effort.

LeanDev’s development center in Beijing, headed by Robert Pettersson, was able to almost immediately begin to build the features of the new system using the architecture set up by our Swedish system architects.

The method we use has an interactive and iterative approach, which essentially means that we plan and prioritize work in two-week periods and ensures that the customer gets to see and test the outcome after each two-week period. Already one month after the start of the project, LeanDev started delivering executable versions of the first features.

From experience we know that this approach increases customer insight and participation dramatically. In addition to this, we continuously ensure that the right things are being built so that the end result at the day of the launch is what the customer wants and needs.

"We did not have that many alternative routes to choose from, but LeanDev solved our dilemma"

“Thanks to LeanDev’s work and their cost effective development center in Beijing, this project exceeded our expectations. I am very impressed with how this project has been executed “

Maria Ericsson, CEO of Kontek.