OPR Finance - Their disruptive move to the cloud

600 000 unique customers

Improved Customer Experience

Quicker time to market for new products

Business in five countries

OPR Finance - their distruptive move to the cloud

OPR Finance Oy is a well-established and privately owned financial Finnish company founded in 2005 with business in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Using advanced financial technology (FinTech), the company provides consumer credits for individuals and working capital financing for businesses. 

Now OPR Finance is investing in a new cloud-based core banking platform to be able to secure their growth in a competitive, flexible and compliant way. 

“There are multiple reasons for us to choose LeanDev, but the two main reasons are that we need a modern future-proof solution that allows us to rapidly grow in new markets and launch new products, and at the same time stay compliant”

Jouni Selin, CEO at OPR Finance