About us


In the spring of 2007 a number of experienced IT-consultants came together to solve a business problem for a newly started company that had applied to become credit institute. SevenDay Finance, as the company is called, had looked at all the support systems on the market but found nothing that met their requirements for functionality and cost effectiveness.
LeanDev was commissioned to build a new loan system from scratch. With the help of experienced system developers in Sweden and China we built a complete system for commercial operation in just six months. We delivered a system that was financially very beneficial for our customer with a functionality that suited SevenDay's activities perfectly. SevenDay has grown in close cooperation with LeanDev over the years and today has a system of deposits, loans, advanced campaign management, debt collection, and an effective integration with loan brokers.
We realized that we could do something different compared to the products that existed on the market. Much of the functionality that finance needs are the same but it does not mean that the companies’ business processes and products are alike. We decided to build a system of deposits and lending that would be very cost effective for our customers while it would be easy to adapt to our customers’ needs and business processes. To do this as intelligently and efficiently as possible, we established LeanDev China as a wholly owned subsidiary in Beijing, responsible for development and testing. From this our products LeanDev Deposit and LeanDev Loan were born.
Our product portfolio has expanded over the years in close cooperation with our customers. We chose to have a Lean and Agile approach to product development right from the start. The approach helped us to find the right balance between complete products and the ability for adaptation to our customers’ needs. We continue to develop new products and services and look forward to expanding our presence in both Europe and Asia in the coming years.