LeanDev Financial Platform

This is a new generation banking platform with state-of-the-art Deposit and Loan services – all with self service capabilities to help you reduce cost. Our Analytics package helps you optimize your profitability.

Our design has security, scalability and flexibility in focus. You can trust that the work gets done, every day and every night.

Services are available as standard out-of-the-box or customized to fit any special needs you might have, and you use them in the cloud or on-premise - it is your choice.


Over 30 Billion SEK is managed by LeanDev software

15 banks / credit institutes

80% of banks run the solution in the cloud

Scalable to suit anything from start-ups to established banks


A highly automated system for lending with or without collateral

LeanDev Loan has been developed to give our customers a modern, flexible and cost effective solution for lending. It is a highly automated system for loans with or without security. It has a simple and flexible approach to your lending products. The system is designed to handle large amounts of lending customers with minimal staffing in your customer service.

  • Easy to operate - intuitive web-interfaces
  • Fully featured integrated loan origination and ledger
  • Sophisticated and configurable credit application flow
  • Risk based interest rate setting
  • Highly scalable

A robust and scalable solution for residential and corporate deposit services

LeanDev Deposit is an efficient and scalable system. Your customers can do everything themselves by logging in with the e-ID in the self-service Web, to manage their accounts. The main advantages that our customers appreciate are: support for both fixed rate and floating rate accounts, customizable “look and feel”, flexible configuration of your savings as well as tight integration with address and banks.

  • Easy to operate - intuitive web-interfaces
  • Rich feature set for all kinds of deposit products
  • Self service focus for your customers reduces cost
  • Complies with all regulatory requirements
  • Highly scalable

Add the Analytics package to your Loan or Deposit service to get the full historical view of your data

LeanDev Analytics gives you access to all historical data about your financial activity, whether it’s about deposits or lending. Lean Analytics makes it possible to increase your income, get control of your costs, minimize your risks and optimize operations.

  • Increase your income
  • Get control of your costs
  • Minimize your risks
  • Optimize your operations
  • Understand your customer base
  • Standard reports or advanced ad hoc analysis

Cloud provides redundant setup for 24/7 delivery

Our infrastructure partners deliver setups all the way to redundant-everything (power, VMs, storage, network) in multi-site datacenters which allows us to guarantee true cloud-level availability for the services you require. In addition, cluster and container technologies allow us to scale your solution effortlessly as your business grows

Security and regulatory requirements

LeanDev Financial Platform is designed to meet the highest level of security requirements.

LeanDev Financial Platform allows you to be compliant with all legal requirements. With yours and your customer’s safety in mind, all our products use an authorization engine with different pre-defined roles and corresponding authorities.

Countersignatures are used to reduce the risk of mistakes and to prevent fraud. Comprehensive logging functions records everything – readable and searchable.

Authorization engine

Pre-defined roles to fit your business


Comprehensive and searchable logs

Sealed audit trail log

All features needed to stay compliant

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